Dr. Quandee Sripairoj

About the University  

       Mr. Waroj Sripairoj, whose rich educational portfolio spans over 36 years, has dedicated his life to providing opportunities of higher learning to the community. In 1999 he established a college in Suratthani, and named it after the fertile waterway thatís been a lifeline to the people of the province. Tapee University much like its namesake river, welcomes a steady flow of eager young minds from all reaches of southern Thailand. The University is a fully accredited institution of higher learning by the Minister of University Affairs. Mr. Sripairoj has appointed a committee to Tapeeís board that includes noted professionals and respected members of the community. The university currently offers both bachelorís and masterís degree levels of certification.

       The institution is comprised of five faculties offering seven bachelorís and three masterís degree programs, including a graduate diploma program in education. Tapee University endeavors to provide the community with graduates of the highest level of education, ability and knowhow. Having built a solid foundation as a respected place of learning, Tapee University has recently ascended the educational ranks, with its accreditation as a fully certified and recognized university. This is a transformation that has been long dreamt of and achieved through enduring passion and hard work. Tapee University strives in providing a level of excellence in education that is sought after by graduates and the community.

Faculties and programs
Bachelorís Degree
Masterís Degree
Faculty of Accountancy (Accounting)
    Bachelor of  Accounting Program
Faculty of Business Administration
    Bachelor of Business Administration Program
    in Marketing
    Bachelor of Business Administration Program
    in General Management
Faculty of Liberal Arts
    Bachelor of Arts Hospitality and Tourism
Faculty of Science and Technology
    Bachelor of Science Information Technology
    Bachelor of Business Administration Program in
    Business Computer
Faculty of Law
  Bachelor of Law
Master of Business Administration
Master of Laws
  Public Law
Graduate Diploma program in Teaching Profession
  Teaching Profession